14 December 2017
Cascadian Yule XIII

We are honored and pleased to annoucnce that Sutekh Hexen will be appearing at this years Cascadian Yule gathering in Olympia, WA. This will be our last performace of the year, ending it with special "Blizzard" trio set consisting of the following instrumentation: electric guitar, viola, syntehsis/effects, caribou antler and voice. There will also be a special tshirt design produced to commemorate the occasion along with a few other items for those interested. We hope those near and far can join us for these long nights. Hail to all those for making this another successful year.

More info here: Cascadian Yule

"Even as he reigns, swathed in brilliance, the sun creeps inexorably on his descent toward earthen grave. And so we set our sights toward darkest winter and the revelries required of us for his resurrection.


Held annually on deepest Olympian soil, hosting endeavors whose roots reach back through the lineage of ritual performative arts to those ancestors who strove by drum and rattle to something starborne, Cascadian Yule gathers acts of sacral intent from along the west coast spanning the genres of folk, black metal, EDM, soundscape, dance, mythtelling, theater, and beyond—amidst feasting and the jovial reunions of distant tribes of artists, all in honor of the sun who gives all.

These rites will be held within Cryptatropa, in Olympia Washington upon the evenings of December 22nd and 23rd from Dusk until Dawn. The physical space, which has held these festivities and many others in its history, will be transformed into a locus for such gravitas and a charnel ground for Our Sun’s death and resurrection. We will share company, comestibles, spirits and inspiration in this dark cradle.

We bid your company, to this handful of ashes held to the sun, this glint of silk and flashing anthem, this child’s tear shining before the grave. If your heart measures its meter by sea tide, if the razed earth cries out through your throat, if the moon tugs at your fingertips and the winter is to you a summons; migrate to our verdant rainscape, join us, as more than mere audience but as congregation, poised on the razor’s edge of significance, an ephemeral convergence of souls who might by our integrity participate in something grander than the amnesiac spell of this age. For our collective howl of beseeching and joy and weeping demands a mass to instantiate the sacrament, and thus your dedication means more than mere spectatorship—it is necessary to make meaning, to make our collective honoring of sun, dark, and the deeper things of mortal consciousness substantial.

The thirteenth annual Cascadian Yule gathering will commence this year on Friday and Saturday December 22nd & 23rd, twin nights of ritual performance which shall bridge dusk with dawn."

16 September 2017

Additional L.A. date added: 10/18 // (the) Handbag Factory // Experimental/extreme electronics/noise focused evening with friends consisting of full-line-up Sutekh Hexen + Hissing collaborative set. Not to be missed.

21 August 2017
(44.947089, -123.031742) (45.521560, -122.527929)

Sutekh Hexen with Greysun Records presents (44.947089, -123.031742) (45.521560, -122.527929) 2xCS: In honor of the total solar eclipse of MMXVII, whose path of totality crosses over the land in which this material was manifested, these two cassettes hereby document a re-envisioning of the original source material previously released on SALEM.

The first was the (sun) And this is the sun obscured by the (moon)

Boundaries trespassed Thresholds distorted Malleable time; synaesthesia: The sound of a great shadow passing over the earth

Original source produced by Sutekh Hexen: 01 June 2014 Recorded by GreySun: The Wisp House (44.947089, -123.031742) Eclipsed by M. Garcia: Xibalaba (45.521560, -122.527929): Summer 2017

(un)mastered: On The Path Art Direction, photography and design: Kevin Gan Yuen

Available soon at Greysun Records

Till then.

01 August 2017

Our split 12" with Hissing will be out on The Flenser soon. Pre-orders this Friday. Includes 18x24" poster of the cover Artwork painted by Timo Ketola. Visionary text by Patricia Cram. Mastered by Plotkin with Art direction by Kevin Gan Yuen for viraloptic.com

Pre-orders for vinyl start Friday 8/4 at 10pm PST:

Now Flensing:for US/World

Throat Ruiner:for Europe

Addtionally a substantial pre-tour merch descent for the mortals... Check out our shop above. Links below. Updated items include: NEW split 7"s: both limited and standard editions (pre-order), Luciform A5 digipak CD (RE-mastered) by James Plotkin and four new limited shrouds.

7" pre-orders for North Americans at Sentient Ruin Laboratories here:Sentient RuinFor US/World

7" pre-orders for rest of world send full-support to Bestiarie, Spain here:Bestiarie

Luciform CD rest of world orders support Ksenza Records, Russian here:Ksenza

Thank you.

23 June 2017
Dimensional Manifestation

Approved: New 13m+ track titled 'Pareidolian (Symptoms of Sight)' for a split 12" and cassette limited edition split w/Hissing. Pictured here is a fraction of the cover painting commissioned from the venerable Timo Ketola and the test press on deck. Further details and announcements soon... Thank you.

25 April 2017
split 7" w/BLSPHM

Incoming. This is the remastered tracks from our hyper limited split released on Dead Accents [DA056] in 2014 as a tour exclusive that will finally see vinyl release. Originally available in an edition of 50 tapes and long gone. Side A: Sutekh Hexen - 'Azure Graal' // Side B: BLSHPM - 'Abyss 3'. For now here are previews fresh off the press from Ballard, WA of the completed + assembled letter pressed sleeves. Completely new packaging design via Kevin Gan Yuen [viraloptic.com] and omnimous cover illustration by the always great Stephen Wilson!!! More details soon.

07 April 2017

03 February 2017

Available now in limited gatefold vinyl and cassette editions or digitally through our Bandcamp.

Vinyl (options): St Roch Ave. Recordings

Cassette (options): Grey Sun

Digital: Bandcamp

Thank you.

21 December 2016
Stay Bright...

31 October 2016

20 October 2016

A preview of the cover art for Salem. Contributed by long-time collaborator A.E. Csaky. We are truly honored to have her work grace us once again.

23 August 2016

'Salem' lacquer on deck... All sixes of ultraviolet on the platter. Pleased to be sharing this new documentation shortly.

09 August 2016
Call upon Ætmospheres

Lacquer for 'Salem' LP currently being cut. Center labels designed and completed by K. Gan Yuen approved and production. LP gatefold design and CS layout in progress. Last weekend K. tracked drums w/ T. DeSchryver (Lycus, Dispirit, Alaric, Wolves In The Throne Room, etc.) in Oakland. Cacophonous details and announcements at some point.

31 July 2016

Sutekh Hexen live @ Stella Natura Festival '13 through the eyes of our favorite living photographer Ashley E. Csaky. Taken on the same evening around 3AM which yielded the 'One Hundred Year Storm' album with Trepaneringsritualen. Surreal and altering experience and equally so for the many participants under the Solstice moon.

13 April 2016
Eternal Documentation

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, the travelers and participants. For those who could not attend Saturday night, the entire set was filmed by J. Rauschenberg and is now viewable (above). We opened with a version of a new track. NOTE: Please disregard the camera's built-in microphone that removes any sense of dynamic range...

Regarding 'Salem' and here is some info from Grey Sun, who will be handling the cassette edition:

"On may 30th,2014 Sutekh Hexen performed with several other bands at the Wisp House in Salem,Oregon. It was early on may 31st 2014, sleep had settled over the neighborhood. The party was winding down,the house had become quiet,except for a few people having conversations here and there. I was preparing my thermarest and, thinking about how nice my sleeping bag was going to be, when I heard sounds starting to emerge from the basement,again. I looked at my " bed " and started rummaging through my pack for my recorder.I put some fresh batteries in it, and grabbed the last of my beers,and looked at my phone, " I should be sleeping " I thought to myslef as I opened another beer,and sat down on the stairs,and pushed record. One by one each of the guys came came downstairs to join Kevin. Its not often one gets to see a band that they really admire create music instead of performing a set (while on tour). I felt privileged to have witnessed Sutekh Hexen doing what they do best. This recording has been in a pre production phase for quite some time, and will be available on cassette from GreySun Records soon. Stay tuned for more information."

Till then...

01 February 2016
"The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow"

The first appearance of the year will be in Oakland at The Golden Bull with Sortilegia (Canada), Lluvia (Mexico) and Pandiscordian Necrogensis (San Francisco)

26 November 2015
Autumnal updates:

A Bandcamp page has been setup and is now live for the futurismos. All recorded material, comp. tracks and oddities + more to come as this living project continues to grow. Thank you for the continued support.

A new record titled Salem, a documentation of alchemical results culminated from an overnight session in 2014 was recently arranged and mixed in 2015 and will be sent for mastering and plating shortly. Salem will see release on vinyl and cassette formats respectively in 2016. Further information will be available in due time.

20 October 2015

09 October 2015

05 September 2015

Riding the storm northward with Lluvia.

17 July 2015

08 July 2015

Exclusive track 'Opalescence' released on 'APEX CODEX: THE APEX FEST VI COMPILATION DIGIPAK CD-R' for Apex Festival VI in NYC. Endless suffering and sorrow in this vastness of consciousness... listen to the track here: https://soundcloud.com/sutekhhexen/opalescence

You can purchase the compilation with aforementioned track here:http://apexarmouries.bigcartel.com/product/apex-codex-the-apex-fest-vi-compilation-digipak-cd-r

The shop will be updated shortly with both of the remaining Eastern Descent MMXV tshirt designs. There are very few, so act fast once it is announced. We also secured the last "Breed in Me the Darkness..." pre-order (double-sided print) shirts from Aurora Borealis in London and those will be offered as a package (shirt + CD or shirt + 2xLP). The last of the OHYS shirts will be added too, everything else is gone. The last copies of our vinyl releases will be updated as well, most CD's are still available and there are some embroidered patches + leftover patch/badge kits left.

Photo taken by Evan Hunter McKnight.

Thank you.

17 June 2015

"...he works entirely by removing thick black ink from a plexiglass surface. the monotype print is a study of impermanence. unlike other forms of printmaking the monotype offers only one copy. the original image on the plate is then given back to the ether, back into the fabric."

Grady Gordon (Oakland, CA) and two of his masterful lithographs (to be unveiled later) will be gracing the front/back covers of the forthcoming new Sutekh Hexen album.

Do take a moment or three and immerse yourselves in multidimensional decay frozen in time...


13 June 2015

We have returned from an incredible tour with our brothers and sisters in IRM, Trepaneringsritualen, Gnaw Their Tongues/ Aderlating, The Body and had the best of times with everyone involved in this massive production. Thank you to all participants and supporters and especially our amazing friends in the East for their hospitality. Till next time...

First angle // Full set @Apex Fest VI 06.06.15 in NYC via Frank Huang for PFoS

Second angle // Full set @Apex Fest VI 06.06.15 in NYC via Federico Escalante for unARTigNYC

10 May 2015

Hope you folks can make it out to participate in the experience, looking forward to it. Thanks for supporting!

Also, for those wondering: the new album will be completed upon our return, keep an eye on this space for further info.

04 May 2015

New tour designs that we will have in-tow. We will have copies of the 'One Hundred Year Storm' 2LP, 'Monument of Decay' LP+CD, 'Become' LP+CD+c30, 'Breed in Me the Darkness...' 2LP+CD, a new woven/embroidered patch + the classic cloth style and badge sets etc.

02 May 2015

THE APEX FEST VI COMPILATION CD goes into Production. In good companie here. We contributed a new exclusive track titled 'Opalescence'... read this and weep.

08 April 2015
Descent into Providence

Pre-APEX VI at Machines With Magnets

10 March 2015
Descent into Balitmore

Pre-APEX VI at The Crown

13 February 2015
Descent into PhilaMOCA

Pre-APEX VI at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art

02 February 2015
Darkness from above...

'One Hundred Year Storm' limited edition 2xLP // Arrived, being assembled and shipping now from our shop

01 February 2015

"The sixth biennial APEX FEST, taking place June 5-7, 2015 at TRANS-PECOS in NYC."

Sutekh Hexen will be appearing at APEX FEST VI along with many friends and details for a East Coast tour based around the festival will be announced shortly. Keep tabs on this space for announcements.

Tickets and more info are available at APEX ARMOURIES HERE

30 January 2015

26 January 2015

05 January 2015

Auris Apothecary are celebrating their 100th release: AAX-100 in an incredible way by having the physical remains of the previous 99 releases, including that of AAX- 077 : Become by SUTEKH HEXEN interred is a great honor.

Those who appreciate absurd notions of what form and function should be are advised to take note. A.A.'s content and presentation aesthetics maintain that print is indeed alive and well...

via Auris Apothecary:

"For a milestone such as 100 releases, we knew we wanted to do something that went above and beyond. "Centum" exists simultaneously as both a metaphorical abstraction and a literal representation of our first chapter, serving as a comprehensive compendium of our entire audio/visual catalog of releases from AAX-001 through AAX-099. While many of these have been readily available as downloads dating back to our oldest website iterations, we have painstakingly transferred, edited, titled, and organized every single second of every single release into high-quality 320 KBPS MP3 files, with meticulous metadata and cover art embedded.

///// ///// /////

Metaphorically, AAX-100 is our olive branch to the dissenters of obsolete media, compiling the physicality of 99 albums into the convenience of a MicroSD Card smaller than the size of a postage stamp.

Literally, it is the destroyed remains of all 99 releases that came before it - smashed, shredded, crushed, and blended - contained inside a 300 ml glass Apothecary bottle sealed with a cork top vial. The debris includes, but is not limited to, broken glass, magnetic tape, pieces of tile, sunflower leaves, nails, cassette shards, scouring pads, sandpaper, wax seals, elk antlers, vinyl chunks, and more, forming a poisonous concoction of audio/visual detritus.

///// ///// /////

In addition to the complete audio archive, any and all accompanying media tied to specific releases has been included as well. Files such as UNHOLY TRIFORCE's CMDEXE(INIFINITY).exe program from AAX-031, the black/white film from the VHS version of SHROUDED ELK's Skeletal Forests, a 50-page PDF copy of DANTE AUGUSTUS SCARLATTI's Ameritheism zine, and more. Audio reproduction of interactive and altered-playback mediums has been transferred from their original format, with Locked Groove Lathe Plate grooves played back for 1 minute each, and similar excerpts of the Untitled Tape Loops from UNHOLY TRIFORCE. The first batch of the Nintendo Soundtrack Series is included as well, with each track from every game presented as its own titled file. Finally, all anti-releases and seemingly unplayable releases such as the 17" lathe cut Transcryptions and 10" glue record have also been included, with transfers taken from an actual copy of the anti-release.

///// ///// /////

This is singlehandedly the largest and most comprehensive archive of media we have, and ever will, publish. While we love each and every one of these releases for their own individual reasons, we nevertheless are ready to transition into our Second Chapter of Existence. With this comes an absolute cleansing of all past traditions, processes, and projects."

Further details and pre-ordering information at Auris Apothecary HERE

04 January 2015
Through Smoke and Feathers

via Black Horizons:

"BH-89 - Thoabath - Through Smoke and Feathers C29

Debut release from the new project Thoabath, the solo work of Andy Way, vocalist of Sutekh Hexen. A dark blend of styles that references the vocal approach of black metal, the thick beats, tribal drumming and production give a nod to classic industrial and dark wave vibes, and giving it a real unique voice all it's own I can't help but hear much of the style of an older project from Andy; the avant garde psych noise beauty that was heard in Maleficia. Booklet style j-card, with collage art and angled pages in silver offset ink on black linen stock. Edition of 100 copies on black tapes with silver labels."

Get it HERE

20 November 2014
Patience as virtue

Vinyl masters, now recut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in L.A. have been approved for production and should be shipping out VERY soon... For now, here is the lavish packaging presentation and design, as always expected from the fine folks at Pesanta Urfolk. Art directed by Thomas Martin Ekelund and Kevin Gan Yuen, with photography by Joshua Churchill, visionary text by Patricia Cram and woodcut by Maria Arango.

Details: 5-color gatefold LP packaging (CMYK + Pantone 877) and spot UV, offset printed oversize OBI strip, center labels. The metallic silver ink (text and sigil only) has a ghostly effect with the photography and the details of the spot UV (snow and wind woodcut imagery), further compliment the extraordinary subtle details... only visible in light.

Ordering info here: Pesanta Urfolk. This release is limited, due to realistic demand and it should be noted that the label are down to their last copies in pre-orders and this will NOT be repressed. The limited version has already sold out.

Also not to be missed: via Black Horizons: AC Way's solo project Thoabath's debut release is coming soon.

"BH-89 - Thoabath - Through Smoke and Feathers C29 mock-up of the art. It is a booklet style j-card, very similar to the Trepaneringsritualen - Deathward tape, but with angled pages as noted by the subtle diagonal lines. Left is front, right is back. Actual shots to come. Release set for next week."

Stay cold.

16 December 2014
Cascadian Yule X

Joshua Churchill's solo project PLUMES will make an appearance along with many friends and incredible talent at this years Cascadian Yule in Olympia, WA. Various and exclusive merch items will be available in-person.

More info here: http://cascadianyule.com

Here is the schedule:

Cascadian Yule X: Friday // Dusk: Opening Ceremonies, 5:00 Feast, 6:00 Rain, 7:20 Ekstasis, 8:40 Three Sisters Dance Company, 10:00 Port of the Sun, 11:20 Jessica Kinney and Eyvind Kang, 12:40 A God or An Other, 2:00 Noctooa 3:20, With the end in mind, 4:00 Telluris // Saturday 6:00 Will 'o the wisp, 7:20 Medicine Moon, 8:40 Aerial Ruin, 10:00 Alda, 11:20 Seek the Light, 12:40 Worm Ouroboros, 2:00 Fauna, 3:30 Plumes, 4:30 Merkury, 5:30 At the Head of the Woods.

28 November 2014
Blackest Friday

Our copies of 'Become' have arrived from Cold Spring Records, are now available and shipping. Domestic orders receive a free copy of the new CSR sampler 'Treatment of the Dead' (while supplies last) // featuring: Coil, Z'ev, Merzbow, Troum, Trepaneringsritualen, Shift, Skullflower, etc.

Purchase from our shop:HERE

Many thanks for the sustained interest and support, folks.

15 November 2014
Hello Albion, Good bye World.

via Cold Spring:

In stock and shipping! SUTEKH HEXEN 'Become' CD (CSR199CD).


6 November 2014

04 November 2014
Cold Spring pre-orders and 'Vestibule' excerpt

Cold Spring Records is now accepting pre-orders for the 'Become' deluxe CD edition. For ordering and more info, go here: Cold Spring Records

You can preview the exclusive material here:

More news of interest: the 'One Hundred Year Storm' plates were re-cut here in the States yesterday, and we hope to have new test-presses shortly.

More news soon.

18 October 2014

Our next and final appearance for the remainder of the year.

Additionally, the second run of test-pressings for 'One Hundred Year Storm' 2xLP have arrived this evening, we shall see...

03 October 2014
One Hundred Year Storm 2xLP update:

The second batch of 'One Hundred Year Storm' 2xLP test-presses are currently en-route for approval (or rejection), as of yesteday. Many thanks for your patience, folks.

8 September 2014
Earhammer Sessions: Day 1-2

20 August 2014
'One Hundred Year Storm' 2xLP delay

We wanted to post a quick update regarding our split/collab 2xLP w/Trepaneringsritualen, forthcoming from Pesanta Urfolk: We were just notified that due to a manufacturing error, we are now awaiting new sets of satisfactory test-presses to be resent to Oakland and Gothenburg respectively for approval. Once those are approved, turnaround should be quick. We truly appreciate everyone who pre-ordered a copy and their continued patience on this matter. We can assure that everyone involved with this release is excited for you people to experience it. Thank you.

21 August 2014
VA 'Treatment of the Dead'

We are honored to be working together with the legendary Cold Spring Records (UK) on the CD edition of 'Become'.

via Cold Spring:

"In stock and shipping! VA 'Treatment Of The Dead' CD. New nice-price Cold Spring sampler. 14 tracks from current / forthcoming releases. Order now! A nice-price CD sampler of our current / forthcoming releases. 14 tracks of Industrial, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Japanese Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial. Delve into the world of Cold Spring! Sealed card slip.

FREE with any order over £20 from our webstore (£20 before shipping outside of UK). Please DO NOT add to your basket! We will include automatically. 1 free per customer.

Track Listing:

1. SOL - ‘This Bitter Earth’ (Where Suns Come To Die CSR186CD)
2. MERZBOW – ‘Rice Cake’ (Nezumimochi CSR200P/CD)
3. TROUM – ‘Ater’ (Syzygie CSR183CD)
4. TREPANERINGSRITUALEN – ‘The Seventh Man’ (Perfection and Permanence CDR198CD/LP)
5. BURIAL HEX – ‘Fantasie’ (In Psychic Defense CSR197CD)
6. TUNNELS OF AH – ‘Shattering The Black Crone’ (Lost Corridors CSR184CD)
7. SHIFT – ‘Circling Raptor’ (Altamont Rising CSR195CD)
8. MESEKTET – ‘Burial Of The Sun’ (Towards A Bleak Sun CSR191CD)
9. SKULLFLOWER – ‘Dazed Nymph In The N.O.X.’ (Draconis CSR190CD)
10. IRON FIST OF THE SUN – ‘Born Of Snake’ (Yield CSR196CD)
11. KHOST - ‘Amoral Apathy Suppression’ (Copper Lock Hell CSR202CD)
12. Z’EV – ‘Terra’ (A Handful Of Elements CSR182CD)
13. COIL / NINE INCH NAILS – ‘Gave Up (Open My Eyes)’ (Recoiled CDR193CD/LP/P)
14. SUTEKH HEXEN – ‘The Voice: The Void’ (Become CSR199CD)


Thanks for your interest

23 July 2014

15 July 2014

Final tracking and mixing for the new SUTEKH HEXEN album will take place this Autumn with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios. Lots of exciting surprises folks...

But more on that a little later.

18 June 2014
Liminal states...

"from pg. 277, Chapter 17, Intrinsic Radiance (The Bardo of Dharmata), in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche: 2. Union--the Deities If you are unable to recognize this [Luminosity in the Bardo just after death] as the spontaneous display of Rigpa, the simple rays and colors then begin to integrate and coalesce into points or balls of light of different sizes, called tikle. Within them the "mandalas of the peaceful and wrathful deities" appear, as enormous spherical concentrations of light seeming to occupy the whole of space. This is the second phase, known as "luminosity dissolving into union," where the luminosity manifests in the form of buddhas or deities of various size, color, and form, holding different attributes. The brilliant light they emanate is blinding and dazzling, the sound is tremendous, like the roaring of a thousand thunderclaps, and the rays and beams of light are like lasers, piercing everything.

--Listening to Sutekh Hexen perform selections from The 100 Year Storm and Dead Accents on Saturday night in Seattle at The Black Lodge/DebacleFest, I remembered this passage from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and thought to myself, "I wonder if this is what the roar of 1000 thunderclaps sound like in the Bardo of Dharmata..."

- William Schroeder

June 2, 2014, Seattle, WA

17 June 2014

Gratitude to our Southland supporters/organizers for their action and hospitality, and all the bands who played. Thank you Bay Area folks for the amazing homecoming. It is good to be home. Respect to Adam/Pesanta Urfolk, James/Black Horizons for holding each night down and moving things forward, and to the best tour-mates ever in Common Eider, King Eider.

Till then...

Photograph by Mattia Alagna

11 June 2014
Azure Graal

09 June 2014
Rotture, PDX // 01.06.14 //

Photograph by Mateo Garcia.

06 June 2014
One Hundred Year Storm 0.5

04 MAY 2014
West Coast II.

03 JUNE 2014

Many thanks to the folks who made it out for our NW dates with the mighty Common Eider, King Eider. Eternal gratitude to Adam (momentum and holding it down), Asia and Kyle // Wisphouse (cont. hospitality and spirits), Mateo (cont. presence and documentation), all the killer bands we played with and our dearest friends/family/organizers who made this all possible. We hope to see you again soon.

Darkness approaches the Southwest...

30052014 // Wisphouse // Salem, OR // captures via Mateo Garcia

21 MAY 2014

Returning to the format with a new track 'Azure Graal'. Coming soon via Dead Accents

19 MAY 2014
West Coast I.

12 MAY 2014
Pre-tour update: Last call for exclusive One Hundred Year Storm shirt design, Monument of Decay CD edition and Become c30

We will be annoucing new tour-dates shortly.

First: Wednesday 14 May, 2014 will be the last day to order the limited edition ONE HUNDRED YEAR STORM t-shirt designed in conjunction with the DoLP and Cassette releases. As stated on the Pesant Urfolk webstore "We will only print as many shirts as we sell by 5/14". this will likely be the only shirt emblazoned with the combined TREPANERINGSRITUALEN + SUTEKH HEXEN sigil.

Available in mens and womens sizes. Three color-options: black pearl ink on black, dark grey on black and metallic-copper on black (all pictured below).

Order/info here: Pesanta Ufolk

Second: Both the regular CD Edition and Box Set Edition go on sale tomorrow: 13 May 2014.

via Small Doses:

"Preview video for the limited box set edition of Sutekh Hexen's Monument of Decay. The CD contains a new, exclusive bonus track. The box set contains the CD, a 16 page zine, a silk screened patch, a numbered edition certificate, a vinyl sticker, and three one inch buttons - all housed in a silk screened box."

Final: Become cassettes are out of production and look GREAT. We will have these in time for tour. Purchase and info here: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

via. Sentient Ruin Laboratories:

"We are extremely proud and humbled to work with Bay Area blackened noise cult, Sutekh Hexen to release one of their finest and most devastating works: Become EP, consisting of two towering tracks, a half hour of relentless, vile, and smoldering blackened bath of frequency worship.

Become showcases Sutekh Hexen doing what they do best: practicing their blackened craft of weaving rich sonic tapestries with electric guitar, field-recordings, vintage analog synthesis, unorthodox percussion and disembodied incantations.

Already available on vinyl LP via KOTM and the expanded CD edition will be coming out soon on Cold Spring, and now we present the final installment as a limited c30 via Sentient Ruin on May 20th 2014."

Thanks for supporting

11 MAY 2014
One Hundred Year Storm 0.4

02 MAY 2014
One Hundred Year Storm pre-order

PRE-ORDERS have launched for 'One Hundred Year Storm' LP/CS and exclusive shirt design.

Purchase here: Pesanta Urfolk

via Pesanta Urfolk:

"Pesanta Urfolk and Cloister Recordings proudly present the archival quality audio-documentation of the otherworldly performance that notoriously unleashed the elements upon Stella Natura, 2013. Recorded live by M. Garcia (GreySun Records). This blistering collaboration showcases easily the darkest performance to take place under the Sierra Nevada skies over the course of the festival's history.

Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, photography by Joshua Churchill, text: Patricia Cram and Art/Design: Kevin Gan Yuen and Thomas Martin Ekelund

Limited edition of 98 includes backpatch and experimental/untried color combination of a mix of white and clear blue with silver hazing.

Standard black edition limited to 350.

Gatefold jacket, metallic printing, spot gloss and screen printed obi strip.

Please limit ONE special edition per person.



Thanks for supporting!

27 APRIL 2014
One Hundred Year Storm 0.3

One Hundred Year Storm' 2xLP and c60 went into production earlier this week. Pictured below is a preview of the packagings photography by Joshua Churchill.

19 APRIL 2014

Many thanks to the folks who organized the event, the friends who played and everyone who participated in a great evening. Footage captured by Kevin Roseman from last night, featuring two new tracks:

Before: will be on the forthcoming 'One Hundred Year Storm' 2LP/c60. After: on the split c10 w/BLSPHM.

08 APRIL 2014
One Hundred Year Storm 0.2

Trepaneringsritualen and Sutekh Hexen 'One Hundred Year Storm' 2LP/c60 masters have been approved, the artwork and design aspect has been completed and this will be going into production shortly. More news soon...

02 APRIL 2014

We spoke w/Chris Oldaker for the the Slims Presents series recently and it is now up and ready. You can check that out below:

Also, we will soon be announcing a series of shows throughout the West Coast this Spring once things are confirmed.

23 MARCH 2014
One Hundred Year Storm

via Pesanta Urfolk: "Another live LP/CS that Pesanta Urfolk will be co-releasing with Cloister Recordings is the collaborative set between Trepaneringsritualen and Sutekh Hexen from Stella Natura, 2013."

More updates on this exciting release soon.

Photo by Joshua Churchill

We are currently down to the last few shirts in the shop. Current designs will not be reprinted. Please visit our friends at Shirts & Destroy for the very last sizes of these remaining designs.

Till then...

07 MARCH 2014
Elemental Uproar

A general update before moving towards completion of the next full-length effort: Monument of Decay (CD edition) goes into production shortly and Become (CD edition) is being remastered at the moment by James Plotkin and then off to England for production.

Recorded on location at OBOROTEN and TERMINAL in Oakland, each release incorporates a brand new track, one exclusive to each edition: the first being 'Shadows II' : the latter being 'Vestibule', both clocking in at 10m, serving as extraordinary junctions in the listening experience.

Above is a preview of the inner-panel for Become, featuring a beautiful triptych 'Elemental Uproar' II-IV by Paul Mirocha. Both editions will see release on Small Doses (US) and Cold Spring (UK) respectively. Keep your eye on this space for more updates.

Thank you.

03 FEBRUARY 2014
Haunting 924 // '...Of Emanation' video

We will also be making an appearance at 924 Gilman this April:

Recent visual accompaniment for track '...Of Emanation' (featuring Th. Tot from Trepaneringsritualen) directed by Dante August Scarlatti. Please view at full-screen HD with full-volume for the best experience.

A few copies of 'Monument of Decay' LP/2c10 editions are still available for purchase directly from Black Horizons (US) HERE and Belaten (Sweden) HERE. We will have copies of both formats at upcoming shows. A special CD edition of this release will be released this Spring.

Thank you for supporting.

03 JANUARY 2014

30 NOVEMBER 2013

Become and Monument of Decay EPs will be issued shortly as deluxe CD editions by Cold Spring Records (UK) and Small Doses (US). Both releases will contain an exclusive track, each clocking in at 10 minutes. Tracking/mixing: Autumn/Winter 2013 @TERMINAL in East Oakland and mastered by James Plotkin for consistency. The artwork and packaging have also been reconfigured for the respective format. We will announce more details soon.

Also, we are very honored to announce that we were invited to support Wrekmeister Harmonies and Corrections House for their first appearance at the esteemed Great American Music Hall in San Francisco this January. More info and ticket information here: http://www.slimspresents.com/events/2014-01-07/wrekmeister-harmonies-featuring-members-of-neurosis/

Tracking continues on the S/T effort and will throughout the Winter. Sessions will likely carry into the Spring months. Thus far, we have six tracks in tow and will be focusing towards completion around Spring. It should be noted that the aformentioned bonus tracks for the CDEP reissues were recorded during these sessions with the current line-up of A.C. Way, J. Churchill, R. Jencks and K. Gan Yuen.

Photography courtesy of A.E. Csaky (see: Empyräisch LP and Breed in Me the Darkness: the Second Coming mixes by Andrew Liles 2xLP/CD/CS).

11 NOVEMBER 2013

This month Sutekh Hexen will be playing our last show of 2013 supporting at Laudanum's farewell show, with friends Noothgrush and Dispirit. We hope to see you there.

09 OCTOBER 2013

Next month, Sutekh Hexen will be playing with good friends in Wolvsepent, Common Eider King Eider and with Cardinal Wyrm.

03 OCTOBER 2013

Incredible photography via John Scharpen can be viewed at the following link (http://www.flickr.com/photos/crow/) capturing the surreal and mystical qualities of our 3AM performance at Stella Natura. We segued from Trepaneringsritualens set into ours. As the only two projects playing the mysterious Stage 3 that evening, we closed Friday evening in the middle of the forest, beneath ominous storm clouds and in the pale light of the moon.. A freak snow-storm occured the following day. Many thanks to John and friends new and old for the memorable experience.

At this time, we would like to welcome two long-time friends into Sutekh Hexen: Joshua Churchill on Baritone guitar, field-recordings and electronics and Ryan Jencks on Tape-loops, mixer/effects and electronics. Both Josh and Ryan have been involved in their own respective (and respected) projects for many many years and we could not be more pleased to have them join us.

Also, the good people at Thrill Jockey have now made it possible to purchase several of our titles from them here: http://www.thrilljockey.com/thrill/Sutekh-Hexen/#.Uk2nCyjIZwE. Overage tshirts from the 'Become' preorders have arrived and are now available for purchase in the shop: http://sutekhhexen.storenvy.com/.

For those that have been asking, our releases are still available through friends at: Fall of Nature (AU), Vendetta (DE), Handmade Birds / Thrill Jockey (US), Holy Terror (BE) Magic Bullet (US), Pesanta Urfolk (US), Aurora Borealis (UK), Petit Mal (US), King of the Monsters (US), Black Horizons (US), Belaten (SWE) and Aquarius Records and Amoeba in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Finally, the proposed 2xLP 'S/T' has been in the works since February 2013. We have 4 tracks nearly completed of the 6-7. The plan is to wrap-up the majority of tracking in the next few months, begin mixing and finalizing the material for release. There are some huge surprises in store for this one.. but more on that later..

Thank you.


Available for purchase here: http://www.black-horizons.com/order.html and here: http://belaten.bigcartel.com/artist/sutekh-hexen

from Black Horizons:

"BH-55 - Sutekh Hexen - Monument of Decay 12" "War to the death against depravity - depravity is Christianity." - Friedrich Nietzsche.

More fitting words could perhaps not be uttered to better describe the spirit(s) in which Sutekh Hexen operates. The sound formed is one of a layered, unrelenting and hellish black mælstrom, fitting to the rubric implied in the aforementioned quote and a quality that also manifests itself in the band's interfacing with the public at large as well as it's very own structure; outwardly projected hatred, and a membership that is churned through like a cult. The result is a furious stream of unique releases, with each one the darkness radiating outward. This moment proper sees a more fully formed line-up, and, for this project, more orthodox instrumentation; vocals/effects, dual guitars, and live percussion. Four tracks come together for a 12" EP release. Jackets are pro-printed full color with spot copper printing and an internal copper flood. Red and black center labels in an edition of 500 copies, with 400 on black and 100 on red vinyl."

from Belaten:

"This is a pre-order. The official release date is September 20th, at the Stella Natura festival. A very limited number of copies will be available for sale there. Mailorder copies will ship on the 28th of September, when Belaten returns to Sweden. Listen to the full release via Tiny Mix Tapes. Regular edition of 177 copies comes in a double cassette jewel case, with black and white artwork. Special edition of 23 copies available here. All 200 copies come with a complimentary download version, but the release will not be sold digitally."

You can stream the full-release at Tiny Mix Tapes here: http://www.tinymixtapes.com/chocolate-grinder/premiere-sutekh-hexen-monument-of-decay

Thanks for supporting!


23 AUGUST 2013

16 AUGUST 2013

You can order it here: http://kingofthemonstersrecords.bigcartel.com

The Monument of Decay EP is now in production. Test presses were approved last week; LP jackets were approved this week. Come autumn, Monument of Decay will be available from Black Horizons (www.black-horizons.com). In unison, the 2xC10 edition will be coming out on Belaten (www.belaten.se), and both will be made available at Stella Natura. Finally, expect the CD edition at a later date from Merzbild. (www.merzbild.org)

It's unfortunate that production schedules do not always follow a linear path. The road from execution to manifestation involves variables often impossible to predict. To address recent attention around the subject of a former member of Sutekh Hexen, we give only these words. Having asserted his will and chose to leave the project in 2012, well aware that we had a tour and releases ahead of us. Recent public accusations of any lack of justice in this project's history are transgressions of the pettiest variety. Every individual in this project's past and future has been and will be dealt with according to the honor (or lack thereof) demonstrated by their own actions. Suffice it to say: the Monument of Decay EP is the final release which features involvement of said collaborator. And despite claims to the contrary, Become is wholly free of his hand.

At Stella Natura, we will be debuting a track from our new, self-titled album. Work on this album continues in earnest, and it will see the light of day in 2014. Info on the festival itself can be found here: (www.ancestralfires.org)

With thanks to those who know endurance.

10 AUGUST 2013

"Ordering begins on Friday August 16 at noon MST."

With the already stunning stand-alone record, KOTM will also be presenting two additional diehard offerings. The first package: includes the limited metallic gold vinyl colorway (limited to 160 copies), two exclusive designs for this release by illustrators Demian Johnston (Seattle) and Reuben Sawyer (Los Angeles), and a slipmat. The second package includes: the limited edition LP and slipmat (metallic gold ink on black felt) designed by Reuben Sawyer. Standard black vinyl editions are limited to 351 pieces.

Order direct from KOTM here: http://kingofthemonstersrecords.bigcartel.com/

Thanks for supporting.

31 JULY 2013

12 JUNE 2013

After a slew of vinyl-pressing production complications, which were likely caused by the influx of demands for Record Store Day 2013, we are VERY happy to announce that "Become" EP/LP is moving forward through another manufacturer. The jackets have been completed at Stoughton, have been sitting @KOTM, and there are other very exciting announcements to be made shortly regarding this edition. Thanks for supporting.

17 MAY 2013

23 APRIL 2013

@ Mississippi Studios 14 APRIL // surreal captures by Jessica Hardwicke.

18 APRIL 2013

We have all returned home safely and will be seeing some of you soon. Graitutude to everyone who came out to support in the stormy NW conditions and for extending hospitality in Arcata, Seattle, and Portland. Many thanks to James Livingston of Black Horizons for holding it down each night. Respect to Demian Johnston // Blsphm for joining us on this brief trip and many thanks to the mighty Agalloch, for inviting us to play with them on Sunday night; a memorable event for ages!!

Capture courtesy of Demian Johnston @Black Lodge

18 APRIL 2013

The official statement from the source:

It has come to our attention through colleagues that former label, WANDS in Bakersfield, CA, have recently reissued SUTEKH HEXEN's "Luciform" LP for Record Store Day without our authorization. We have heard various accounts that "he has had a horrible reputation for doing this."

Observations of odd pressing numbers in the past, exposed intentions to capitalize through Ebay and Discogs under various accounts. Again: this pressing was not approved by any participating members of the current band, nor was anybody contacted in any way before this LP was sent into production, shipped to distributors and retailers.

The end result of individuals greed and deception, shines the brightest light on people who need to fact-check information before they choose to damage their reputations further. With public, personal attacks, an already negative track-record of missing merch shipments, and poor record-label etiquette, it was a conscious effort to sever ties very early on.

We are not concerned with the ramblings, because they continually perpetuate the immature and negative qualities of a small world. The supporters and people that we work with understand the amount of time and hard work that we dedicate to making things happen.

In closing: the band has been working on a proper mix and mastering treatment, with superior presentation for a proper release of LUCIFORM in the distant future.

Thank you for reading.

4 APRIL 2013

The following designs will be available on tour. Many thanks to Shirts & Destroy for the excellent work and Brent @Magic Bullet for coordinating this. Original illustrations by Brian VDP (NL), Steve Wilson (USA), and Si Clarke (UK). Select designs will be available shortly through the Magic Bullet shop on Shirts & Destroys online shop, along with the 'Behind the Throne' repress

We will also have 24x36" prints folded/sealed in anti-static pouches, illustrated by Demian Johnston and designed by Kevin Gan Yuen, 'Behind the Throne' LP repress (3 colorways --one a band exclusive), 'Breed in Me the Darkness...'' 2xLP, 'Larvae' CS, 'Empyraisch' CS, and a brand new 'Empyraisch' CD + 3"CD (new 18m long track exclusive to this release) via Jim Kaisers excellent Petit Mal imprint, and badge tubes.

Thank you

25 MARCH 2013

"SUTEKH HEXEN "Become" 12" EP. Originally released on 1/4" tape reel by Auris Apothecary, "Become" centers on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. This release serves to bridge the gap between "Behind the Throne" LP (2012) and "Monument of Decay" EP (3rd quarter 2013). This release has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and will be presented in HEAVY Stoughton tip-on jackets, featuring lavish metallic gold and black offset printing, and 2 vinyl colorways. Adorned with brand new artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen with source photography by Patricia Cram."

Available soon from KOTM (HERE)

14 MARCH 2013

04 MARCH 2013

From Pesanta Urfolk:

"This exciting release features two new songs by Sutekh Hexen and remixes of those songs by the prolific Andrew Liles.

We will present this double LP in a gatefold with spot varnishing. The B and C sides feature a 7inch cut onto a 12inch lacquer with etched outer edges.

Standard Edition LP limited to 393 on 200gm Black Vinyl. Limited Edition LP limited to 93 on 200gm Royal Haze Vinyl.Pesanta Urfolk 025

Also available: (MERZBILD: cassette edition) (AURORA BOREALIS: deluxe CD edition)".

Purchase via Pesanta Urfolk (HERE)

27 FEBRUARY 2013

There will be a handful of shows in April with Seattle's BLSPHM, based around our support date for AGALLOCH. Please view the SHOWS section for more info.

23 FEBRUARY 2013
"S/T" sessions are in-progress..

19 FEBRUARY 2013
Now available: "Breed in Me the Darkness.." deluxe CD + limited tshirt bundles

Now available for purchase. Two t-shirts designs, featuring elements of the stunning album art by Kevin Gan Yuen (viraloptic.com), commemorating this very special release. The garbs are limited to 13 and 33 in a one-time printings at Aurora Borealis (London). The deluxe CD edition: limited to 500 stickered-copies come packaged in lavish Lansing style, full-color mini-gatefold, utilizing masterful use of spot UV printing (clear ink). You can pre-order the CD itself or the CD/t-shirt bundle HERE

from Aurora Borealis:
"Deluxe CD edition and shirt packages available to preorder NOW. Shipping from March 11th 2013.

'Breed In Me The Darkness' stands as the aural/visual apex to an era for SUTEKH HEXEN. The two central tracks, as dense and intricate as any of the band's previous output, were turned over to ANDREW LILES to complete the vision of what these recordings meant. The incredible re-visioning of Liles takes the release to uncharted and undreamed of dimensions. Twinned with the photography of A.E. Csaky, with design by Kevin Gan Yuen (guitars/electronics), 'Breed In Me The Darkness' is one of the most astonishing and powerful ever releases on Aurora Borealis. SUTEKH HEXEN hail from San Francisco, USA, and have been demolishing musical boundaries in extreme music, unlearning the traditions of black metal, since 2010. They have previous releases on Handmade Birds, Magic Bullet and Holy Terror. ANDREW LILES is a sonic genius and a hugely prolific artist with numerous solo releases as well as works with The Hafler Trio, Faust, Nurse with Wound, and Current 93 among other. He is based in the UK.

Catalogue number: ABX059

Releases 11 March 2013"

Also, it should be addressed that there was a slight issue with the packaging/presentation of the 2xLP edition from Pesanta Urfolk, causing delays in shipping. The good news is the issue was immediately brought to the attention of the pressing-plant, and has been corrected as of last week. These are due to ship before the end of this month. Here was the official statement from Adam @Pesanta Urfolk:

"Breed in Me the Darkness has arrived at Pesanta HQ, we're waiting on one more element until they can ship. Soon!"

Thanks for your patience.

21 JANUARY 2013
Now available from Pesanta Urfolk

"Breed in Me the Darkness has arrived at Pesanta HQ, we're waiting on one more element until they can ship. Soon!

This exciting release features two new songs by Sutekh Hexen and remixes of those songs by the prolific Andrew Liles.
We will present this double LP in a gatefold with spot varnishing.

The B and C sides feature a 7" cut onto a 12" lacquer with visuals impressions on the outer edges.

Standard Edition LP limited to 393 on 200gm Black Vinyl.
Limited Edition LP limited to 93 on 200gm Semitransparent Vinyl.

Pesanta Urfolk 025"

(PESANTA URFOLK: 2xLP edition)
(forthcoming AURORA BOREALIS: deluxe CD edition)
(MERZBILD: cassette edition)

It is with great honor and privilege for Sutekh Hexen to announce a very special EP, featuring four new tracks. Two original tracks by the band and the source-material of said tracks, remixed by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Liles (UK). With an extensive catalog of solo-works and as a key-contributor to such sonic luminaries as Nurse With Wound and Current 93, we knew that we were in good hands.

We could not be happier with the final results: absolutely stunning compositions, navigating multi-faceted territories, based on the eternal themes of darkness and the light, to be experienced in three distinctive packaging-presentations: All LP/CD/CS editions feature the haunting photography of photographer A.E. Csaky (Vancouver, BC), and the design of Kevin Gan Yuen.

Thanks for reading.

3 JANUARY 2013
Now available via Merzbild.org

MT15: Sutekh Hexen "Breed in Me the Darkness: the Second Coming Mixes by Andrew Liles" [C46]
Release Date: 12.2012

"Sutekh Hexen is the recording name for San Franciscan deconstructionist project that features, at the time being, sound artists Andrew C. Way and Kevin Gan Yuen at its core. Conceptually, the project has a visceral fear unique to itself, depriving listeners of the gaze of their subjects through an economy of violence. The recordings of Sutekh Hexen are at once an intolerable disturbance and an existential haunting afflicting the mind, body and spirit. Two of such recordings emerge on the A- and B-Side of "Breed in Me the Darkness: The Second Coming Mixes by Andrew Liles" [C46].

Remixed by Nurse With Wound alum Andrew Liles, "Breed in Me the Darkness" acts as a glowing example of postmodernist art in an age of technological change. Liles, whose oeuvre includes a set of imaginative remixes of Current 93 material, departs from aesthetic trends in contemporary black metal to reprocess the Sutekh platform presented in this album. Time and again, Liles violates representational structures rendering the Sutekh Hexen recordings unrecognizable. The beauty in this, then, is the cognitive dissonance that confronts its experiencing subjects. When a chance meeting of Sutekh Hexen with Andrew Liles takes place, randomly processed electronic signals come for your soul." - Cameron Shafii, Merzbild"

Forthcoming 2xLP/Deluxe CD editions on Pesanta Urfolk and Aurora Borealis.
Thanks for supporting!

SutekhHexen.org now online

Welcome. In a climate where various social-platforms exist to weld the sharpest double-edged swords, we have decided to update inquiries with our own words, without convolution. This website serves as the junction for all SUTEKH HEXEN connected information. Thank You.